List to Organize My Brain

Where to begin? This month has been all over the place. I have been working on a variety of projects from personal stuff to band stuff to studio work and beyond. Not to sure where to begin but I have always found making lists helps to organize my thoughts.

1. Standing On End - Worst in the World (Based on You and Me)  Video Release and Kickstarter. 

Standing On End is a new solo project I have been working on for the past few months. The fourth coming album The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue addresses my personal struggles with mental illness and also of those closest to me. To announce the project, I teamed up with Caitlin Indermaur and Gus McTigue, two incredibly talented film makers based in Portland, to make a music video for the first single. We filmed in a truly haunting abandon warehouse located in industrial Portland. The release of the video also marked the launch of a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the recording of the full album The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue. 

3. Triple Lutz Whiplash EP Release.

Triple Lutz held their EP release party at Knockout Taco. An appropriate location for a knockout EP. I am proud to see this EP come to be. Long hours and endless mix tweaks. Asher has an incredible attention to detail. I admire the care and hard work that he puts into everything he does. For the release, Asher printed some limited addition cassette tapes that can be found at your local Triple Lutz show. Come check em out at their next show with the Latter Day Skanks, Itchy Kitty, and Wild Jumps


3. Jimbo Nicholson Session

Most recently in the studio, I have been mixing a record for Jimbo Nicholson. I met Jimbo Nicholson through Johnny Holladay from Holy Smokes and the Godforsaken Rollers. Jimbo raised Johnny and taught him everything he knows about music. At 68 years old, Jimbo has a plethora of stories to tell and his new album is chalked full of tales of heartache, adventure, wartime, and socio-political frustration. Jimbo was the primary song writer in this project, playing guitar and singing. He brought in Bass-aficionado Nick Wright and Backbeat drummer Seth Shaler(the rhythm section from Bitches of the Sun) to fill in the rhythm section. Two individuals who naturally locked into a groove and created a rock solid foundation for Jimbo's songs. Johnny brought a variety of instrumentation to the session from electric guitar and baritone to harmonica and banjo. What a great session with truly incredible individuals. I will be mixing the record this month. Look forward for more updates. 

4. I saw this band the other night at The Twilight Cafe and Bar called Grey Fiction. An incredible combination of musicianship and songwriting all wrapped up in a mesmerizing stage presence, Grey Fiction has a lot to look forward to as band on the rise. If you haven't gotten out to see them I would highly recommend  it and in the mean time check out their record On Your Way to Earth & Back