The past few months have been crazy to say the least. It seems as though I blinked twice back in April and now the summer is almost over. I found myself wondering where the time went. My hope with this blog is to try and account for some of it. 

In April, Standing On End, a solo project of mine, hit the studio to track drums for the fourth coming album; The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue. We tracked in Studio A of the Hallowed Halls, utilizing the massive sound of their 18 ft high ceilings. Ethan Stouder, Assistant engineer at the Hallowed Halls, sat in on drums for the session. Laying down a range of dynamic hits and fills for the album. Check out the short recap video from the day below.


The majority of the overdubs were cut in Studio C; tracking guitar, bass and vocals for the album. In May, Skip vonKuske, a Portland-based cello player, laid down a few choice cello parts on two tracks for the album. I met Skip when I ran sound for him at Alberta Street Pub but never had the opportunity to work with him in the studio. I was really blown away with how intuitive he is and his ability to communicate a feeling so perfectly. If you ever find your self in need of a cello part on a project definitely hit Skip up. Below is some footage from the cello sessions. 

As it stands now, The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue, is in the process of being mixed. Plans for an accompyanying short film are in the making. We are shooting for a 2019 Winter release. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information as the winter gets closer. 

Shortly after Drum day with Standing on End, I did some live recording with Box the Oxford from San Louis Abisbo. We tracked some promotion content for their most recent release 1922. If you haven't already heard of these guys they are 4-piece Indie-pop group with a likening to Hippo Campus. They have knack for tasteful arpeggiated guitar parts and catchy-vocal melodies. On the verge of a new release, the band is excited for the things to come. 


In the first week of June, Stoner-Rock duo Doglord tracked basics for their fourth coming freshman release. The band, consisting of Scott Simpson (Drums and Vocals) and Tom Steele (bass) came to fruition when a previous project that the duo were apart of didn't work out leaving the two to start a new project. Being a two piece, Simpson and Steele were really focused on capturing a 'large-than-life' sound. Utilizing Re-amping and a variety of Guitar pedals and amps we aimed to create a rich and full sounding record. The album is currently waiting to be mixed. Look for a release from this dynamic duo in the coming months.

Doglord live at the Twilight

Doglord live at the Twilight

Back in November, I worked on a Music Video with a wonderful human named Caitlin Indermaur. We met through the studio sometime before November and I hit her up with a few ideas and we really clicked creatively and have been working on projects together ever since. Our most recent work together was recording Caitlin's new band Slippery Eyes. We tracked four songs with the initial intention of demo release but quickly came to the consensus that an EP release was more suitable for the work we captured. 

We tracked and mixed their new EP, take care, be well, in a little over 2 weeks. Drum basics were cut in Studio B and overdubs in Studio C of the Hallowed Halls. It was such a great experience working with this band. Not only were they hardworking and driven by a concise vision but they were just a fun band to be around. We spent the better part of two days together in two studios that were both designed for a max capacity of 2 or 3 people and there were 5 of us all working away. I am so proud of the work we did together and honored to be involved with this project. The new EP is out now on bandcamp and was recently featured on the Life Elsewhere Podcast 

Youssoupha Sidibe

In a last minute turn of events, Youssoupha Sidibe and I hopped into the studio to record basics for his upcoming album. It was a day full of new experiences and challenges to overcome. We got off to a slow start. Fighting through RF issues and board malfunctions. At one point it almost seemed as if we were going to have to reschedule but Youssoupha and I persisted through it all to get the recording done. Youssoupha plays the Kora and sings. We tracked all the songs live adding vocal harmonies and percussion after each take. I was blown away by Sidibe's ability to channel energy through his music to create a series of powerful-tracks. 









Looking forward, I have a few projects to wrap up mixing before I'm back to cutting basics with a local indie rock band and a couple different singer-songwriter projects. I hope I can keep better track of it all this time around.